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My story and a few facts - Sandy Pryde, owner of the ‘4 Acres’ Worm Farm at Poroporo

I am a trained Waste Wise Educator, own and operate '4 Acres' Worm Farm and over the past 10 years have promoted and educated schools with the "Waste Wise" School Organic Recycling Programme.

The idea of the programme was to educate young people about the problems associated with Solid Waste and to introduce ideas for dealing with Organic/Green Waste.

It is based on the three R's of Waste Management - Reduce,   Re-use and Recycle.

Each school had 4 visits from me and received a Resource Folder which encourages children to think about reducing the amount of waste they generate, and how they can help by reusing waste and what their options are for recycling.

Under contract with the local council I helped each school to set up a Worm Farm, small or large and  25 schools (Primary and Intermediate) participated.
I enjoy doing this and I love working with children.  By trade I am a qualified British Nursery Nurse, and have similar qualifications to a Kindergarten Teacher.


I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and I like being busy. No longer under contract to the council I now regularly visit play centres, kindergartens, in fact I will visit anyone who wants to learn about Worm Farming & recycling. Many groups also visit my Worm Farm - a small fee is charged.  My aim is to get everyone to join the zero waste revolution, we can all recycle things and take measures like cutting down on the products we buy with plastic packaging, shop where you can fill your own containers, say No to glad wrap. Do it! It's Easy!


Worms! Who Cares?

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Book Worm  Recycling Song


I made up this song and the children just love to sing it.

(sing to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey")

Reduce and Recycle, Re-use Everything
The future depends on it, so let us all sing.

If you have a worm farm, with Compost Worms in, and feed them on paper, leftovers and skins.


They'll eat all your rubbish, from cardboard to leaves, and leave you with plant food to use as you please.

Your garden will flourish, and grow very tall,
and you'll help the Landfill to stay very small.

So, Reduce and Recycle, Re-use everything!
The future depends on it, so let us all sing...

Written by Sandy

(The "Worm Lady" & "Waste Wise Educator" for the Bay of Plenty, N.Z.)